• Who we are:

    “Plant Centre Multiflora” which has been expanding its nursery business for several decades is located in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The highest quality of distributed plants and provided services is based on the experience of highly qualified personnel. We, being the plant-breeders, can offer you the high-quality plants at the most favourable prices.


    “Plant Centre Multiflora” grows and offers more than 400 kinds and species of shrubs, about 100 kinds and species of deciduous trees, about 600 kinds and species of coniferous trees. We propose plants that can grow in weather conditions usual for our region (climate zones – 4, 5 and 6). Our thujas of different sizes and forms (“Brabant”, “Smaragd”, “Danica”, “Mirjem”, “Columnaris”, etc.) perfectly suit for decoration of public and private flower gardens. Wide range of junipers (“Blue Alps”, “Golden Carpet”, “Blue Chip”, “Prince of Wales”, “Mint Julep”, “Blue Swede”, “Blue Arrow”, “Skyrocket”, etc.) can be used for creation of unique atmosphere of yours environment. Grown by the “Plant Centre Multiflora” pine trees (Latin Pinus Sylvestris, Pinus Mugo, Pinus Nigra, Pinus Strobus, etc.) will meet the most sophisticated requirements, variety of larches, firs, and shade-loving indeciduous yews and boxes will surprise you greatly.


    Personnel of the “Plant Centre Multiflora” also can offer more than 1 500 various kinds and types of perennials (some of them are available on E.shop too), that grow in Baltic weather conditions (climate zones – 4, 5 and 6). Distinctive feature of our flowers is height, wide variety of flower shapes, sizes and colours, initial blooming and its duration, their ornamentality. “Multiflora” offers flowers that grow in all weather conditions – such as desert flowers that like sand and heat, or plants that grow on the edges of open water.


    Our flowers will create an incredible colourful atmosphere and bring you the delightful fragrance from the early spring until the late fall. Our nursery can offer you the wide range of carpet plants (thyme (Latin Thymus), Creeping Phlox (Latin Phlox subulata), crassula (Latin Sedum), houseleek (Latin Sempervivum), primula (Latin Primula), vinca (Latin Vinca) and many others) that can be used for rock gardens, grave beautification. Great variety of unfussy daylilies (Latin Hemerocallis), hostas (Latin Hosta), astilbes (Latin Astilbe) collections for public and private territories, backyards. We are proud of our collection of heterochromous irises (Latin Iris) that can be planted on public and private flower gardens. Our range of plants includes ornamental shade or half-shade loving plants.


    "Plant Centre Multiflora" sells outdoor plants in April – November. We, being the plant-breeders, can offer you the high-quality plants at the most favourable prices.



    A team of "Plant Centre Multiflora"